Help me fix my Charlie!

  1. I have a Charlie in luggage, it's one of my favorite bags. I recently took it on vacation, and carried it every day for 2 weeks. The dye from one of my darker pairs of jeans transferred onto one of the side straps, and part of the side of the bag!! :cursing: Also, part of the side strap seems rubbed a little "raw". I didn't realize until I got it home. How can I fix it? Do you think a luggage/bag repair shop would be able to clean it? Should I do it myself with water?
  2. I have two light coloured bags (nude and tan) that had dark rubbing from my jeans on them, and I just used those leather wipes they sell in grocery stores and it all came off. I don't know about your leather, but it worked a charm on mine. I clean leather jacket snad sometimes shoes with them as well.
  3. That's a great tip!
  4. That's a great idea! Thanks! I have some leather wipes that I use for my furniture. I'll try it out on my Charlie.