Help Me First Chanel Purchase!

  1. hey guys, first post and what could be a first purchase, i am looking for a neutral chanel bag and a black large bag and saw these on ebay, i am pretty certian they are authentic and only have a short while to bid, so should i get them???:shrugs: :flowers: PLEASE HELP! oh and does anyone know the name of the black one?

    thank you!!!!!
    untitled1.JPG 2.JPG
  2. anyone?!
  3. both these bags look fake to me- plasticy and not like leather at all.
    the black bag is the cambon black-on-black tote.
    btw, this should be posted in the "authenticate this chanel" thread in the "chanel shopping" area.
  4. ^^dittoo ..
  5. They both are very fake.
  6. Right. What Michele said, both fake.
  7. Both fake
  8. yeah they are both def fake...
    go into a an actual store and look at all they have to offer.. if cost is the issue- what a few weeks- dec starts the sale at Neimans and if i am correct- Saks and others follow shortly after that.....
    i am waiting for that myself to come up on a good deal on an unusual different item...
  9. totally agree - you should try and go into a CHANEL store and have a look at what they have on offer... Its always heaps of fun trying on bags and you'll be able to get a feel on what you like and don't like... good luck ! :wlae: