Help me finding a coin purse

  1. I'm searching for a coin purse where I can put my cash and credit cards when I carry small bags and can't put my (big) wallet in them.
    If it even had a small keychain then it would be perfect!
    I really like LV pochette cles Louis Vuitton: French fashion designer and Dior ones, but I'm searching for something neutral, so that I can carry it with all my bags and can't afford spending more than 25 € on a coin purse right now.
    I really like this style
    Can you help me?
  2. Oh those coin purses are beautiful, especially the one on the left. I think they will match your Italian collection really well!

    I'll look out for similar coin purses for you. I saw a really cute Juicy Couture one similar to the one on the right a long time was a nice light green all the way through and had a cute juicy heart hanging from it. It was on eBay for $25. I wish I bought that!!!!

    (here's another cute one by Juicy Couture...I don't know if it's authentic, though, because i can't tell with Juicy Couture:

    eBay: JUICY COUTURE Leather Heart Coin Purse (item 120095171827 end time Mar-14-07 15:27:37 PDT))
  3. Hayden-Harnett has several coin purses costing $28 plus shipping (they do ship internationally). Do you think these are big and neutral enough?

    Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Capri Coin Purse, Blue Brocade Detail

    Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories - Capri Coin Purse, Tweed Detail

    This is small (approx 4" wide x 3.5" high) and colourful (so definitely not neutral) but I'll post about it anyway because it's cute :smile:

    Etsy :: mini frame pouch - paperweights on chartreuse

    $22 plus shipping

  4. The left one is pretty
  5. oh, thanks everyone for your help! I'm going to look at all the purses, I know for sure you had great ideas for me!
  6. Passerby: all those purses are super cute! I liked these from Hayden
    and this one too
    How does Etsy work? is it like eBay?

    Photoobsessive: I liked LV coin purse, especially the epi and groom ones, but I really can't afford their price right now because I'm buying all the furniture for my house. I hope to get one in the very near future
  7. This one is super cute, but costs £99.00 :wtf: (by Paul Smith)
    Maybe eBay can offer something similar?
  8. I loved these... durable, cute colors (I like the green) and not pricey at all!

    I hope I can post the description without getting into trouble...

    This adorable Skinny shape is great for those on the go, with room for credit and business cards as well as your iPod® Nano.

    Outside credit/business card pocket
    Zip-top closure
    1 1/4" attached split keyring
    Lightweight leather with fabric lining
    5 (L) x 3 (H)
    Perfectly sized to hold an iPod® Nano

  9. That's very nice and looks very versatile, but unfortunately Coach isn't sold in Italy (i still have to understand why)
  10. Wow, I never knew that. Crazy.
  11. oh well....
  12. Maryg, etsy is a site for "home-made goodness" :smile:. You register and once registered, you can buy whatever catches your fancy. I live in Singapore and over the past several months have bought many small items (biggest are two messenger bags) from Etsy sellers in the US (one from the UK). Have been totally satisfied with the transactions thus far.

    This seller, italiacraft, lives in Italy:

    Etsy :: modern tapestry italian zippered purse FREE SHIPPING
    $9 plus shipping



    Etsy :: Patchwork Leather Pouch


    $14 plus shipping

    Besides stripes, what kind of pattern do you like? Polka dots?