Help Me Find...

  1. Hey you guys!

    I thought it would be a great idea for a thread where we can post what specific bag, maybe LE or Seasonal, that we are trying to find, but cant find. We can all help each other with E-bay, Let-trade, or other websites as such.

    I really do think this would be a great idea! Thanks!

    :heart: Sophia.
  2. Out of the world, but a Embossed Stephen.
  3. Monogram Sac Squash? :flowers:
  4. I'm dreaming of the IVORY Embossed Stephen:drool:
  5. Me too!
  6. Leopard Stephen :biggrin: - I love those :biggrin: (theres one on eBay!)
  7. embossed stephen any colors :heart:
  8. Sac Noé in black with golden hardware !
  9. I'm in love with the Stephen in all the Vanessa H pics. Also I would love a cherry blossom flat coin purse, and an orange Speedy in great shape.

    Thanks for starting the thread by the way.
  10. monogram lv sophie
  11. Saw a copper limelight in the store yesteraday if anyone is interested
  12. i'm dying for a azur naviglio!! there are only damier ones on eBay and i can't afford to buy a new one. :sad:
  13. Inclusion bracelet PM for petite wrists in Amarante:love:
  14. agreed! I have the amarante small inclusion ring in sz 50, I would love any inclusion ring or bracelet in the small size! if anyone see's the grey, please PM me!

    great thread!