Help me find...

  1. ...a signature stripe denim tote, please! I did a search on and didn't see one. has one, but I refuse to buy ANYTHING from Macys again EVER! Has anyone seen one of these in a Coach store?
    Coach SS Denim 11182.jpg
  2. I believe it is a department store exclusive.
  3. shoulderbabies is right, it's a dept store exclusive

    have you checked eBay?
  4. I've seen these at my Von Maur before. I was at mine yesterday and I believe they had one in the case.
  5. Dillard's has it!
  6. do u have to buy it online? otherwise, the other posters are right, most dept stores that carry coach should have it
  7. I just read where another poster on a different forum claims she got this tote with her PCE. She even posted the pic but that is from Macy's site. I messaged her to ask if she got the tote from the Coach store. I'll let you know what she says.
  8. I saw this bag at Macy's Herald Square today. It looked cute and was very roomy.
  9. Does it have the legacy lining?
  10. Seen it at Dillard's last week!!
  11. We have Dillards here...or I could call Nordies in KC to see if they have one they could ship. But if I could get it with PCE that would be outstanding!

    fluffy, thanks for checking on that for me! Let me know what you find out. :tup:
  12. It doesn't have the legacy lining....that's the only thing that sucks about this bag. It is very cute though!!