HELP me find those jeans somewhere!!

  1. Hi.. i was at work yesterday (in australia) and a customer was wearing these amazing jeans. I was serving another customer and asked a fellow worker to ask the girl what brand her jeans were.. she said they were from denmark :sad:
    They had a peachy orange coloured fabric on the bum pockets(sort of on the inside)-i think it was the fabric from the zips, quite distressed denim but also still with 2 dark strips on the front (but only maybe half a foot long and about just an 1 inch wide). I know this is a long shot...but i've seen some similar ones from italy with a stronger/brighter orange on the pocket but the orange on those was stitched on in an "R". (i'm hoping they're skinny leg!) any help for either brand or info would be much appreciated!!
  2. Could it be Rock and Republic?
  3. i think so...
  4. Wow, you're good pursegalsfl
  5. Could either be REPLAY jeans ? it´s an italian brand with a large satin orange or pink label stiched at the back, and yes quite distressed denim.
    They are everywhere here in DK, but I´ll do my research for you.
  6. thanks so much for your help mellecyn and pursegalsf! they were replay jeans...but the ones i've found that seem to be most similar are boot cut...maybe i could get the altered to be straight or skinny leg...haha
    the rock & republic jeans dont look too bad eitheR!