Help me find this?

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  1. My friend is looking for :

    Will you help me find some choices at a few different price points? Thanks!!
  2. Hi jenn, MUST it be turquoise? I've been surfing the net but can't seem to find anything yet in turquoise. A cobalt faux croc laptop bag, yes - but turquoise? No luck so far, but I'll keep looking.
  3. Check some of the Luella stuff out. They have some Birkin style bags and I think it is called Giselle. They're on ebay for sure. They may be from a previous season.
    I don't the old Luella's are as pricey now, Reese Witherspoon had one for a while and that caused a price hike.
    Crocodile, I don't think they have, my pink one is leather. Turqoise, I think I saw in the past.
  4. Liz Claiborne bags. ... I know they do turquoise croco... Only cause I worked there and saw them every day...
  5. Hi Luna, the turquois bronze hobo you made (as shown in your avatar) is gorgeous. Where are you working now (if that's not classified info)?
  6. Thanks girls! I'll pass the info along!