Help me find this?


Feb 18, 2006
My friend is looking for :

"biggish, structured, faux-crocodile bag. In turquoise.

I don't care what brand it is, as long as it doesn't look junky, but if it were to look Birkin-ish that wouldn't be a bad thing!"

Will you help me find some choices at a few different price points? Thanks!!
Hi jenn, MUST it be turquoise? I've been surfing the net but can't seem to find anything yet in turquoise. A cobalt faux croc laptop bag, yes - but turquoise? No luck so far, but I'll keep looking.
Check some of the Luella stuff out. They have some Birkin style bags and I think it is called Giselle. They're on ebay for sure. They may be from a previous season.
I don't the old Luella's are as pricey now, Reese Witherspoon had one for a while and that caused a price hike.
Crocodile, I don't think they have, my pink one is leather. Turqoise, I think I saw in the past.