Help me find this?!

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I'm on the hunt for THIS
    Bag (as seen on the ManRepeller)
    I believe it is called the "Stud Trim Tote"
    its my perfect bag, if any of you know season, year, etc that would be so much help. or where to find one. I'm checking everywhere but still nothing!
    Thanks for your help!
  2. You are absolutely right, it IS the perfect bag.
    It's Spring 2011 and I got it in Munich this year. Sadly the strap was tearing after only a couple of months (it is just too thin) and I brought it to Valentino in Rome last week to get it replaced. The other problem with this bag is the soft and thin leather. As soon as you put a little more than a ipstick and a wallet in it, it gets a major "break"(I dont know how to exlain) in the middle area. You can see that very well in the pictures of Susie Bubble with this bag!
    Before I got the nude version, I bought the black one on ebay and it is made of thicker leather and therefore doesn't have this problem.
    Please be careful before you spend that much money on a bag that delicate!
    I asked at Valentino on Via Condotti if the design will be repeated and they told me that this was the only "Kelly"-style Rockstud bag and people always ask for this specific model. So hopefully something similar will come next year...