Help me find this

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  1. Does any1 kkw where i can find me a pair of this CL?


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  2. That's beautiful! Looks like the Rolando, but I am not sure about the color. If you want black and wine patent the CL boutique in Las Vegas has some and I believe black suede is available at the Saks LuvMulberry works at.
  3. THX Lavender !!! Ill check it out.

    I really like this 1s. That metallica color
  4. abc -that shoe is beautiful. I recall seeing that color Rolando on many months ago, I don't see it there any longer so I am guessing it's sold out.

    I don't remember seeing that color Rolando in the US ever.
  5. Bummer, what is the color? looks kinda metallic blueshis purplelish greenish
  6. Me too.... but havent seen it in a long long time.
    That color is amazing, but as Kamilla said, havent seen it ever. Maybe it was released outside of US or could just be a promotional poster type color?
  7. It was sold at Browns in London. It looks bluish to me but browns described it as green. It was available last year but I think has been sold out for a good while. I have seen the odd pair crop up on ebay uk though.
  8. Ditto with what the other ladies mentioned about not being sold in the US, I believe they were strictly UK