Help me find this wallet

  1. Wow~~thank you for whoever helped me post this :smile:
  2. ^ hmm i don't think that is true actually... i've purchased items "sold out" on the internet in store several times. i would try calling a trusted SA to help you locate the item
  3. Thank you for the reply. I have already checked a few department stores, but they didnt have it. :sad:
  4. I think I just saw this at the boutique by my house!!
  5. and no just because it says sold out online does not mean boutiques don't have it. The inventory is not linked and usually boutiques have a lot more than what online has to offer!
  6. OMG OMG.....did you see it? Do you have their phone number or SA info? Thank you so much!
  7. :shrugs: I don't know then. I was told both by the Miu Miu e-store customer service AND the people working in the Miu Miu boutique that they are linked. I was also looking for a wallet that was sold out online and when I called both customer service and various Miu Miu boutiques, that is what I was told. So, if the information I was given is incorrect, then I sincerely hope you do find your wallet.
  8. well if you order from the e-store sometimes they ship from a boutique, but the stock is not completely in sync with the boutiques.

    perhaps they are keeping track the inventory in both places but it is not exactly the same --- i think the boutique will always have internet stock lookup on hand but the estore will not keep 100% track of boutique stock. the boutiques will definitely have items that are not sold in the estore. for example the leather bracelets are not sold online but are available only in store. i also just purchased a bag from the boutique not shown online.
  9. then mb i will just go and check my local boutique stores.
  10. PM sent
  11. Thank you, thank you.:biggrin: