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  1. NAP had the Bianca and they sold out pretty quickly. I have seen the grey ardois python AD @ Saks, Horatio, and the LV boutique. You can check there.
  2. You're welcome! I love mine! ;)
  3. if anybody could help - i'm looking for a pair of canary yellow simples in 35.5... i know mushroom city has a pair in python but i would really prefer a plain yellow leather. TIA~
  4. If anyone knows where I can get a pair of the black LOVE flats please PM me. I found a pair in Saks on 5th in NYC but they did not have black in my size. Size 39 thanks!!!
  5. Hi ladies, does anyone know if there are a regular stock of nude VPs in the Paris boutiques? I kinda want to ask here first before I make a call *scared to call a boutique* :blush:
  6. Soooo does anyone know if the pigalles ever came in eel? Just doing research for a possible SO :amuse:
  7. ^ I think they did and I believe Danielle has a pair. Check her collection thread.
  8. ^^^ are you talking about her purple ones? If so, those are SO.
  9. ^ I was; good to know naked. Sorry about that compulsive.
  10. That's okay.. thank you anyways Nico! I knew hers was SO so that's why I asked!
  11. Hi! Sorry if this has already been asked. My BB isn't letting me run a search.

    Naked was helping me earlier but can I get the lavender biancas in the US? A UK seller has a pair listed but at retail & then I'd pay shipping.

    I'm an 8.5 so I guess I'd need a 38.5 right?
  12. I'm still longing for the Rouge Archidisco.. sz 40.5/41/41.5 please..
  13. I'm looking for simple 85 or 100 in nude patent. sz 36 or 36.5
    preferably from department store.. (Saks, nm, barneys, Nordstrom) not a boutique since i don't have boutique around me so can't exchange size if something goes wrong

    if anyone seen this, please pm me.. i'll really appreciate it!!! TIA
  14. I have seen the nude patent Simple 100 at Barneys SF. If you have a Barneys near you, you should have them do a search.
  15. Did you check both Saks and Nordstrom?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.