Help me find this Rolandos ...... PLEASE

  1. Does anyoe know where I can find this purple rolandos? NAP does not have my size and I cannot find them on Saks, NM or BG

  2. had a pair in a size 37. I would say eBay would probably be your best bet in finding that exact shoe. Most of the places that received Rolandos, especially in the colored suedes (fuschia, electric blue, green, etc.) sold out of it. Also, if the size on nap is only a half size larger than your normal size it might work if you add an insert. Personally for suede I would not want to go that much bigger because of the stretch, but if it is not one you will wear too often that might work out for you.
  3. There is a pair 38.5 on eBay right now.
  4. Im a 6.5 should I get a 7 or my size? I couldnt find them on saks
  5. Yeah I did see the purple at one of the online store like two days ago? Sizing would depend on how wide your feet is
  6. :yahoo:Really? Where?
  7. Honestly....trying these on are the best thing. They fit like the Mad Marys in my opinion, which for me were TTS, but for others they went up a half to full size.
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  9. Have you looked at Net A Porter? Or as they answer the phone, Net A Porta.
    I am sure I saw them there.
  10. Have you called NAP to see if they can locate a pair
  11. ^ I didnt know they could do that. Thanks I will contact them.
  12. I have the purple suede pair from NAP. JUst for your sizing reference I bought true to size but they have stretched a lot and are hard to impossible to keep on my feet now. For fit you may want them to be snug at first so they do not get too big...
  13. ^^I completely agree about this. I have found that all of my suede rolandos have stretched significantly to the point where they literally slip off my feet. So my recommendation is to either get them true to size, or only 1/2 a size up, they will probably feel very tight initially but believe me after only one wear, they will be perfect. I actually regret getting one full size up now because they are just so big on me now.
    Good luck finding them!
  14. Well I contacted NAP and they stated that since this shoes were so popular that they sold out and they will not be restocking them, they also suggested I keep checking the website for any returns.... :sad: - I was looking into getting the EB on Ebay but are a size 7 and since yall stated they will strech now Im kinda thinking I should not buy them since I cannot return them if they are to big. Also I kinda like the greens too but will see......
  15. I just saw this shoe at Saks on display in NYC, they had a pair 36.5 on display. Call them!