HELP me find this purse :-(

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  1. I am looking for a raspberry heart tiny or regular tassel tote.
    I called Dooney and Bourke and they told me the stopped making them. I even checked eBay they only had the white one. I want the pink one so bad. Anyone have any ideas on what i can do to find it?

    Description: Raspberry heart tassel tote
    They supposedly stoped making the heart collection

  2. Have you tried calling some of the outlets? I'm not very familiar with D&B, so I don't know how long ago they stopped making it or if there's a chance, but it might be worth a try. The only other suggestion i Have to is to check consignment shops and keep an eye out on eBay. Good luck!
  3. thanks and yah i called and she said they dont make them anymore. I almost cried because i have a couple of dooney purses but this is the one i really wanted and i never got it and they stoped making them. :sad: I will search EVERYWHERE lol
  4. Is this the one you're looking for? Not sure about authenticity but here are two listings on eBay:

    Keep checking eBay, I bet you'll find it! Hopefully at least one of those is the real thing.
  5. Hi! Im just asking if you can help me find a bag too!!!

    I'm looking for the Chanel purse released for Valentines day a couple of years ago. I just saw Mischa Barton with it on the OC, and I'd really like it!!!

    It's pale pink, with a chain made of hearts. i've had a look on eBay, but i can't find it anywhere!!! Got any ideas? I really need help!

  6. Welcome to the forum! You could post your question to the Chanel forum. There are many Chanel experts. You may find help from there.
  7. THANKS greyanemone i saw those too. But when i found them it was too late....but im gonna keep checking ebay glad to know they're out there.