Help me find this MJ bag??

  1. I was talking to a seller on ebay... and had planned on buying this bag from her next week when I transferred some money into my PP account... but in the meantime, someone swooped in and bought it before me... which sucks bigtime, so now I need your help.

    As far as I know, it's called Marc Jacobs Doctor Satchel in the color Bordeaux... though I know it comes in Blonde(light tan) and Navy...
    I'd settle for navy... [​IMG]

    I'm posting because something similar happened a few years ago and a German tfs member helped me find one on ebay Germany... so any help is always appreciated.

    Thanks [​IMG] [​IMG]

    no one can sell you one here, I had to remove that portion of your post.
    marcjacobs.jpg mjdrsatchel2.jpg mjdrsatchel.jpg mj2.jpg
  2. Luna, I see a Yellow one on ebay.
  3. PM'd, bag.lover
  4. yea, that yellow one is a different bag... close, but not it. If anyone else happens to see one on ebay or anywhere else, lemme know. :sad:
  5. That is a really neat bag. I remember one from a few years back that was similar and was black with pink stitching.
  6. still looking for this damn thing. ... if anyone spots one.
  7. I rarely see one of these but I'll let you know if I do.
  8. Remember how I was looking for this bag like.. non stop?

    I found another one in brown :oh:... wow.. I have a problem.
  9. :roflmfao:
    When it rains, it they say. What to do?
  10. one of my best friends has the navy one. ill ask her if she wants to sell it lol
  11. hahahhahaha... I could own this bag in all colors! ...

    And then I would need to be belted down to a bed in an insane asylum! haha
  12. Can any one help me find the large blue MJ multipocket ? Any shade will do! I really crave this bag something fierce? Thanks
  13. I love the navy satchel.. there was one listed a while back but the price was too high.

    I saw the brown one, did you end up getting it? I really wanted to but I had to draw the line somewhere... or maybe we need to be roomies at the asylum!!

    mrsduck, if you're looking for the MP in blue, those are really scarce.. you'll have to troll ebay regularly and hope one pops up. Otherwise, some of the NR have the small denim MPs.