help me find this miu miu

  1. it's from season 2005, i loved this bag so much. anyone can help me find this? i don't mind if it's used because it's from seasons ago.
    and if someone have this bag, can u please post pics wearing it?
    thanks heaps
  2. It used to be on ebay all of the time. I saw one used one go very cheaply -- but it was missing one of the stick-on pieces.

    I haven't seen this bag auctioned recently, though.
  3. thanks :P
  4. check and
  5. thanks jill, i've tried but found no luck :crybaby:
    i guess my only options is ebay...
  6. Not a problem. I hope you find it!
  7. I think the design is called Twiggy, if that helps, and there's a white leather on leather one (some have fabric/denim for the body) on sale at Miu Miu in London right now - I have the same in cracked black leather and pink/black fabric.

    Good bag - fits a bottle of water/wine, an A4 folder and all my other stuff in it without losing shape!:smile:

    Happy hunting!:yes:
  8. thanks chandi :P
    i've seen the new "twiggy" from the last season, but i don't like the fabric pattern.
    i especially like this "retro" one, and in orange shades, not the one in red-blue :hysteric:
  9. the twiggy style is still on the market in leather or canvas, but not in the style you're looking for....i remember it is from spring/summer 2005....check on E-bay....hope ypu'll find it-it's a gorgeous bag!!!:biggrin:
  10. thanks mischa, i love your keith harring avatar :P
  11. I just came to the Prada/miu miu thread to post exactly the same thing!! I wanted to start a thread asking about this bag:P :lol:
    I've been searching on ebay a while ago but I haven't found anything:sad:'s such a beautiful bag:heart: :heart: