Help me find this MBMJ Tate bag, PLEASE!

  1. Hi, I am desperately trying to locate a bag that I saw on display at a Neiman Marcus. I know it's a MBMJ tate (tote) bag. I'm hoping you guys can help me find it or at least give me the name of it. This is what I remember it looking like:

    -Mostly white with colored swirled stitching
    -The stitching is either red/blue or pink/light blue/blue or something along the lines of that

    I want to say that it looks similar to the one currently out called Solstice, but with primarily white (in the background).

    Please help me find this bag. I should've bought it when I had the chance! This always happens to me!

    Thanks you guys :smile:
  2. How long ago did you see it at NM?
  3. are you talking about this?
  4. Thanks so much for your response, I saw it about two weeks ago!

    Omg I wonder if that's the it still available? I'm kicking myself for not getting it when I saw it!
  5. I doubt that's the one then...I have some makeup bags in the same design as the pic I posted and Solstice reminded me of it. Mine came out in 2009 or early 2010. I'll keep an eye out for other similar designs!
  6. Thanks so much! Yeah, then it probably isn't. I wonder if it was the Solstice one that I saw and I thought there was more white than there was. I will need to go check it out again. Thanks again!