Help me find this Marc Jacobs Keychain-please


Jun 27, 2010
I ran across this keychain online and it would go perfect with my new stam bag. It's called Marc Jacobs stam key ring, but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I could find one?? heres the link to the picture.



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These are from F2008 -- the only place you're likely to find one would be ebay or Bonanzle. They do pop up from time to time. They're super cute and come in gold or gunmetal ("dirty" silver). There was also a Venetia key ring in the same colors. I used to have one of each, but I never used them as a key ring -- I would hang them from my bag more as a "purse charm." They're pretty heavy

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as I mentioned earlier, you should put that in your signature (if you look at a lot of the posts, you'll see similar "wish lists" in users signatures)
there's also a newer thread where a lot of people are posting MJ items that they're looking for -- it's sorta like "Search Central" where everyone can go and check on items that people are looking for so that if someone sees it somewhere, they can let that PFer know!!