Help Me Find This GUCCI !

  1. Hello Fellow Gucci Diva's :yes: . I love this authenticity thread but I really need your Gucci shopping expertise!

    I purchased this very purse on vacation in Europe from a reputable source. It was the last one available and I promised it to my mother. Now I MUST have one for myself.....but I can't find it in the states anywhere.:hysteric:

    It's considered vintage from the Gucci Spring 2004 collection (this pic from style website Gucci ready-to-wear). It is very unique because of the straight (versus curved) gold metal bamboo handle. If anyone can locate an authentic version in any form or color I'd be forever grateful. I've searched ebay U.S. and worldwide to no end!! Unfortunately I don't read Italian or I'd look on ebay Italy.

    Thanx so much
    Peace, luv, and Gucci!

    P.S. FYI on authenticity, all always remember that authentic Gucci will never be sold or displayed with those plastic wrappers on the handles and Gucci never attatches a label to their bag. The controllato labels are kept inside the purse.
    Dream Gucci.jpg
  2. I've never seen it before but I like it. Good luck!
  3. I hate to say it, but I think it's ONLY available in Europe.....for now!
  4. i've seen it in green/yellow - very pretty! :yes:
  5. I have seen it here but I don't know where you would find one now. Did you try checking the outlets? Sometimes, they still have bags from a couple years ago. Occasionally, I do see one come up on ebay also.