Help Me Find This Gucci Belt

My man wants this belt for Christmas and I'm having the hardest time finding it because it is from Spring/Summer 06 and went on sale. I called Gucci and they are sold out of it. My best bet is finding it at a department store or re-seller. I've seen some on Ebay, but they are fakes.

Has anyone seen this in a Neimans or Saks in their city.

Please help me ladies. I want to make my man happy for Christmas.

I need a size 95 - 105 cm.

The belt came in the following colors, and I'll settle for one or all three.

1. off white/green/red/green/offwhite
2. off white/navy/red/navy/offwhite
3. green/red/green

I have a photo from ebay, but I think this one is fake.


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A similar red/green one

They had the one you want online before, but its not there anymore. They will probably have it at the Gucci store. If not, you can find it in their lookbook, and they will order it for you from another store. :smile: