help me find this Edith

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  1. You might try don't know if they still have that color.
  2. thanks!

    they do have it, but it's not on sale :sad:. any clue when it'll go on sale?
  3. I would call a NM store. They should probably be able to locate one for you! In fact I think I saw that bag in my NM (not sure 100%) - call my SA, Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442- she just might have it? (At least it never hurts to try!) Good luck!!!!
  4. jag - that's exactly what i'm going to do. i've used lisa before to get my baby paddy, so hopefully she'll be able to help me out. it's such a great deal, if there's one lying around i would love to get my hands on it.

  5. Good! You know if there is one out there, anywhere, Lisa will bust her butt to find it! Please keep us posted and let us know that you got it!!!!:yahoo:
  6. Im interesting with the edith satchel as well so i tried to call Lisa but she said that she has it still but its full price :hysteric: :hysteric:

  7. really??? oh no! it's only worth it to me if it's on sale...darn...

    it would have been the perfect work bag, too.:cursing::cursing:
  8. i know daniela127, i want it ONLY in sale price..

    since we know the sale price, i really dont want to pay full price for it :cursing: :cursing: