Help me find this coffer please

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  1. Hi girls, I am on a new mission! :nuts:

    I need some help finding this beautyfull Coffer in green. Does anybody know anywhere I can find it? I live in Denmark, so I am guessing that online shops would be best...?

    I have my fingers crossed... :smile:
  2. I think that color is from a few seasons past which is going to make finding it very difficult. I've seen a couple show up on ebay.

    Good luck. It's a beautiful color.
  3. oh dear :sad:

    hmm I must have my eye on ebay then.. thanks for replying!
  4. Hi!
    I actually saw a green coffer for sale on a UK site recently. Not sure if its genuine, so I posted the link in the Authentication thread. Have a look at what the experts there say... it's a gorgeous colour!
  5. Thanks a lot!! Miu2 says it is genuine so I think I will take her word for it. Thank you soo much for helping!
  6. You're welcome!
    I know how hard it can be to find Miu Miu bags in Denmark. :yes: