Help me find this Chloe shoes...

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  1. Help me find this shoes pls in sz 36 (I can live with 35.5 or 36.5 too)
    I'm so stupid, I saw it on sale on a website but didn't buy it right away. Fell asleep while deciding and now it's gone in my size :crybaby::crybaby:


    if anyone see it pls let me know.. TIA

    - P
  2. did you check
  3. yes.. thats where I saw it and thought about it too long and now its gone:crybaby:
  4. I haven't seen them any where else other than aloharag
  5. I saw this style today at Nordstrums in Atlanta. They were full price and in a green color.
  6. I am after a pair as well,in Black in a size 38.But they are all gone in aloha rag.And what a good price as well they were.