Help me find this Chloe Saddle bag from a couple years back pls?

  1. I have not seen an original one on sale for a while, here is an authentic piccies, eBay is prob your best bet now, but always get them a authenticated if you see some, 99% of this style are copied, I have even seen them listed in powder blue and pink - disgusting lol :biggrin:


    will keep an eye out for you :smile:
  2. that's pretty! i havent seen one IRL though, will keep an eye out for u!
  3. It came out in October 05 for the a/w collection, but sold out immediately, so it wasnt seen around that often. It came out in black tan, red, choco and navy blue if I remember correctly :smile:
  4. Thanks ladies. I would almost kill for one lol!
  5. did it come in an ivory color? i thought i saw one (unless it was fake :yucky:)