Help me find this Chanel Bowler Bag

  1. I just saw this Chanel bowler in antiqued quilted calf leather with CC hardware and chand and leather wrapped handles in Ivory in a Neiman Marcus catalog. I am working with Neiman personal shopper, any other ideas or stores I can call. I believe its relatively new.

  2. Very cute!!!! I have not seen this bag IRL, sorry I cannot help.
  3. It's from the Vintage Ligne if that helps. Haven't seen anything from the Ligne in a while, but call around and ask about this bag from the Vibntage Ligne in dark white.
    I have a dark white Vintage Ligne tote and love it.
  4. Well I lucked out with Neiman Marcus. Although the computer said it was only available in black, sold out in ivory, I contacted the catalog number and they said they had 1 left...its mine. Hope I love it as much in person. This is my first Chanel.
  5. OOH! COngrats!!Cant wait to see pics!
  6. What a great bag!
  7. Congrats ReRe! Definitely post pictures when you get it! :yes:
  8. Oh congrats! That's a really cute bag!