Help me find this Carly?

  1. Hello! I know you guys are the experts....and I just realized that the Carly is my dream Coach bag....I love my duffle, but I'm not sure if it's big I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find this bag....they don't have the Carly's with the different colored leather trim on the Coach site, so I was wondering if anyone could help me find one.

  2. The Carly with Chambray blue trim is beautiful, but also quite rare. Have you tried calling JAX to see if they have any in stock and/or asking them to search the retail store inventory? I'd start there first and then start watching for one on eBay.

    Here's one on eBay right now with a Best Offer option. I think you'd need to ask for more photos to confirm the authenticity, though:
  3. ^^^Yeah, you're right, because that price seems too low to be for a rare Carly...

    Thanks everyone for your info! I guess I'll have to wait a bit. But my little 16yr old cousin has the blue trimmed carly--brat! LOL. I'll try to ask her where she got hers.
  4. she is probably confident that the price will go and i am too. people start prices low to avoid paying high listing fees. if i am confidant in something i am selling, i will also start it at $.99. it looks good though, what color are you looking for??
  5. I almost always start my auctions at $0.99 -- especially on the stuff that's high in demand because I know it will get bid up. If you like the medium Carly (the first auction link I posted) you should ask for more photos because it looks good based on that one photo. They both look good!
  6. oh..just saw the pic...

  7. yeah, you are right, I bid 20.00, but it will probably be up to 250.00 by the end of the day if it is authentic. it still has 6 days to go.

    I'm looking for the blue trimmed, but I think the red is also gorgeous.

    Thanks again for the help everyone
  8. JAX does have some I was going to order one last month. They are beautiful and if I ever get another bag this one would definately be it!! I was just dissapointed that there was not any matching wallets. So I went with the Denim Tote.
  9. eBay is blocked at work right now, what's the large going for?! >_<
  10. $46.00, 13 bids, with 5 days 11 hours to go. Are you thinking about this one, Candy? :graucho:
  11. I dunno, Carly's are going for S:huh::huh: friggin cheap on eBay, I'm tempted and I love the blue! Is it authentic? Auuughh stupid blocked eBay. :cursing:
  12. Definitely authentic - there are good photos and the seller has good feedback.