Help me find this bag!

  1. I want this bag but in the white/beige color. Is it from the Spring / Summer collection (the color)? Cuz I tried on this bag in black and loved it but then they had a small Miu Miu in the white and I love the color, so can anyone please help me find it... I neeeeeeed this bag!
  2. Look up MIU MIU COFFER BAG..There are a TON of threads on this bag!
  3. I know but I need to know if it's still sold in this color and if so where!
  4. I heard the white was available ONLY in EUROPE.
  5. OKAY thanks....
  6. On Mona Moore - Designer Shoe Store they have a white leather one (not suede) and it's quite expensive. they list it both in Canadian and US dollars. US price is $1600+. Also awhile ago some posters said Selfridge's in London had them in white.
  7. boxermom

    thank you! i was just in london 4 days ago and it was sold out in most places in this color. im thinking it's worth getting on the website.. hmm!
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