Help me find this bag??

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  1. The bag is by Samantha Thavasa... and it's quite difficult trying to track any information down.. even an email address to ask where I might be able to find the bag!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. i know she has a store opening soon on madison avenue.....was driving past the other day and saw her name on the window......
  3. That's an adorable bag !

    If you want to brave international callings, you can always try to see if they can ship one over for you. Here's some phone numbers of their shops in Japan.

  4. Oooh, that color is YUMMY!
  5. pretty bag! hope you're able to get one.
  6. don't know about this bag, but there is a picture posted in the $500 and under bag of a Hayden Harnett bag in mulberry that is beautiful and very simular if you can't find this one.
  7. I wish she had a bi lingual site...
  8. That's a lovely bag! I hope you find it and get it!
  9. I looked on Kitson's website--the store in LA that a log of celebs shop at. I saw that Nicky Hilton is apparently a fan of those purses. Why not give them a call and see if they have any info. Sometimes the "trendy, hot" stores know where to find that kinda stuff.

    Their number is 310.859.2652. Good luck! And yes, their first store will be in NY.