Help me find this bag!!

  1. I really want this black/white duffle 10403. I know some of the outlets have it but they will not transfer it to my local outlet. I have call from Florida to California but no luck. Has anyone seen it at Macys/Dillards lately. Please let me know. I know I will have to end up buying it on eBay but I would rather locate it somewhere else if I could. Thanks for any info.

  2. I know that if you used to call an outlet you could order it from them but you had to go to a coach store and let them fax your info to the outlet. You might call your outlet and ask if they could do that for you, it shouldn't be impossible to get this bag. (Have you found it in the other outlet in GA?)
  3. Yes, I would call the outlets around you. I just got one at the Hershey outlet in August. Only it's khaki/parchment. But that was when they were selling all of the older spring/summer stuff, so I'll bet you could find one now! Maybe you could see if they would ship one to you. I've never tried that before, but it couldn't hurt to ask, right? Good luck!
  4. I have called several outlets in Florida and California that have the bag but no one will transfer it. It's very limited now. My local outlet and I both tried to get the Sevierville, TN to transfer it. Everyone says they don't ship or transfer. They will only tell me if my outlet doesn't have it...I will have to order for full price. That's over a hundred dollar difference. They say it's against company policy. I even called customer service and they couldn't help me. I was hoping someone might have seen it in a department store that I could order from.
  5. macys had it about 3 motnhs ago on sale sold out quick
  6. I am looking on eBay. I can't really tell the difference in the bags. Some have different numbers. Does anyone know the full item number. I know the 10403 but what comes before it. This info will help me narrow down the fakes. I have seen F062, F06M, K0618. Which one is right. Thanks for any info.

  7. tabby,
    I live in FL. Did you check the Ellenton outlet? I will be going there on Monday and if they have it, I can pick it up and send it to you. There has to be a good way around this "no transfer" policy!
  8. Thanks everyone! I purchased it from eBay. I had to pay more than the outlet. It has arrived and looks really good.