HElp me find this bag!!

  1. Hellooo!
    A few weeks ago, i saw the most gorgeous Prada bag EVER.. My BF's sister was carrying this white bowler type prada bag (suede i think) that had like tan lines that would squiggle? across the bag, and it had like white fringes hanging from the bag and everything.. THe color was like white, gold, and tan.. I really dont know how to describe it. I really really really want that bag.. Does anyone know the name of it, and where i can purchase it?
  2. Prada in NY on Fifth Ave still has one -- saw it yesterday. There was one on overstock and one on Bluefly in the past month -- you might want to watch for it there. They have the jacquard and fringe one now, but not the leather patchwork version.
  3. omgomgomg
    it's the patchwork... but the one i saw was white and tan???
  4. I think that I saw it on Bluefly a while ago..but now its gone
  5. saw the one you want at Bethesda,MD in NM
  6. sounds like patchwork bowler in white or cera.