Help me find this bag please!!

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  1. hey everyone! :shrugs:ok this may make no sense at all and i apolgize ahead a time... im normally in the LV section but i do own two gucci bags and have been searching for this gucci i saw on a lady a few months ago. It looks like a bowler/speedy type of bags thick handheld straps (that were offwhite?

    i dont think the bag is to old...any idea? or maybe a pic?
  2. Is this the bag you are referring to? If so, I bought it earlier this year at NM.

  3. yes!!!! ahhh do u the gucci id code for that bag? so i can call them and see if i can get it~?
    tank uuuuuuuu
  4. its on sale too ..its part of the almafi collection!!!!!!
  5. Eek! Really...where is that?
  6. Hmm I only see it in leather
  7. I'm not sure what are you asking for.:shame: Would I find that on the bag or on the receipt?
  8. This thread belongs in NAME THAT GUCCI...
  9. oh sorry not familiar with the gucci forum :sad: