Help me find this bag... please!

  1. I saw a brand new Isabella Fiore tote in Nordstrom tonight, and I wanted to order it from a botique nearby that sells them for 20% off, but I can't remember the name of the bag! It had a brown fabric pattern with beads and a brown bow. It has double leather straps. It also comes as a hobo. Please help me find it!!!;)
  2. The retail price for the IF tote is $475.... maybe that helps???!!!
  3. haha..i'm on a mission :smile:..hopefully NOT mission impossible...:smile: ...
  4. ugh. i'm googling everything!!! i can't even find one on ebay!!!!!!!
  5. i'm thinkin, if no one finds it...just call Nordstroms and desribe it to them..they can give you the name!
  6. GO to and look around, they may have it.
  7. no, but getting closer!!!!!!!!!!:wacko:
  8. OK, I take it back Purple310... the bag is called "Ribbon Nation" as your photo shows, however the bag was a different shape. I went back today and it was sold!!:weird: