Help me find this bag or similar...pretty please

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2010
    I really like this bag and would love to know the brand or any suggestions to other bags that are similar to this style. Thanks for the help. Holly

    Sorry about the cut and paste
  2. I don't know about that exact bag's name and brand, but I saw a couple models on Etsy that look quite similar to me ( this , this and this)
    Moreover, Etsy has an 'Alchemy' section in which you can request custom items; sellers will place bids and you will have the chance to choose. You could just post a pic of the bag and request a replica..

    Good luck finding your bag :smile:
  3. Hollybogs, I don't know where you live but that looks like a basic leather bag. Perhaps if you check out the leather bags in the Coach thread you can find one that is similar. If you live in NY, you are sure to find one like that in the village. Good luck!
  4. Also, I am not familiar with Hayden Harnett, but they might have a similar style bag as well! :smile:
  5. Thanks for the links to etsy Danzare. I was on the phone with my sister while I was pulling up the forum and we were talking about jewelry on etsy. I guess I was thinking about a name brand as instead of getting one made. Since the first post I have been looking for leather remnents...maybe making my own? I love to sew just never got into using leather bc I do not much about it(thickness,what is best for sewing...since I would be doing over the internet and would not be in person to look and feel etc...) Probally trial and error. Funny you should mention Coach BgaHolic. I have always loved Coach but really loved Coach when it more like the english saddle,buckle,plain look. When there was still britsh tan and navy. :smile: The purse I am currently using is my 14yr old mahgony coach bag. Again thanks for the help
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    The bag is a foley and corinna. I found out where the items for the shoot came from and called the store. The sales person said F and C. I am not completely convinced just yet and I plan to call the owner tomorrow. Thanks for the help
  7. It's great that you found out, maybe go see the bag in person if you can and then make your decision. Good luck!
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