Help me find these shoes :)

  1. Helloo all you wonderful ladies,

    So I was going about my day on the internet and came across Stacy's London's website for her new show. I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes and purses (as we all) and I NEEED these heels. Does someone recognize them :confused1:. I've attached a picture of her website with the glittery gold heels :nogood:

  2. Oh boo. I was hoping they wouldn't be CL...I can't afford CL right now, I have to buy presents for other people....must not be selfish this time of year :sad:. They're so pretty too.
  3. They are gorgeous. They remind me of the ruby slippers (if they were red). I love Fashionably Late!!! Great show.
  4. Oh I know....eventhough glitter is starting to get old, these shoes are just too pretty to ignore. Barneys has them in a 36 and 36.5 for all of you who aren't on a self-imposed buying buy them up and let me live vicariously through you :woohoo:
  5. I totally know where your coming least you have the courage to say no to yourself. I go Christmas shopping & end up buying all for myself! lol
    On the brighter side, if you wait you might end up finding them on sale!