Help me find these Juicy Couture charms..

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  1. I thought this would be a good thread to start. I know there are many Juicy Couture charm addicts here. We are always wanting to know what are the newest charms, what will be coming out and where to find a specific charm. So post what you've seen, where we can find it and all the juicy details. This thread can also help authenticate a charm. :yes:

  2. I will start. Is this charm new? when did it come out? where can I find one??
    I love it!!!:love:

  3. That one was actually on a bracelet, the "Hollywood" bracelet from a couple of years ago. I *may* have a stock pic, let me look for it.
  4. Here you go, it's from 2006:
  5. ^^ But the one superstar is looking for has a clasp. the entire bracelet containing that charm would not.
  6. I am looking for the RWB popsicle in this pic from last summer:

  7. It's still from 2006 though, I just thought the picture would help.
    I had a couple of charm bracelets that I bought full of charms from Saks and they all had some bracelets have the charms soldered on and some don't.

    Anyway there's one on ebay, I've never seen this charm in the store (individually) so I think that's the only place you can get it now.
  8. Does anyone know how much the charms go for at the juicy outlet?
  9. ^Really not all that much cheaper. Last year I got my enamel cherries for $29, retail was $36.
  10. Thanks!
    I'm watching the one on ebay. But I am sure it will sell for alot.
  11. You're welcome-I hope you get it!
    The ones from the powersellers do seem to go for more. I've dealt with a couple (just bought the Easter Egg charm from one for my mom recently) and have been happy with the service. :yes:
  12. Here's a kind of helpful guide:

    I feel for her on wanting to email a buyer to ask if they know an item they're bidding on is fake, I did it once and boy did THAT backfire. I emailed her to let her know a charm she bought was fake (not technically "auction tampering" since it had ended already a few days prior). The lady had the audacity to email some other seller she bought an AUTHENTIC charm from and tell her I was saying her charm was fake.
    I can't even TELL you how angry that made me, I was trying to save the lady from buying some red shamrock charm that Juicy NEVER made and instead she goes off and emails some other seller about their authentic shamrock charm. I saw that that same seller sold authentic, pre-loved LV too so I almost wonder if it wasn't someone here and I wish she would have seen the post I made when it happened on the ebay forum.
    But still I never heard back from either of them which makes me even angrier; I seriously deserved an apology for the disaster and stress that lady put me through.

    Anyway, moral of the story is not to email anyone to ask if they know an item they bought is fake, let them find out on their own. Being helpful to ebay people lately is NOT worth it.
  13. Its funny how a lot of the authentic juicy charms on ebay aren't cheaper than the stores. I saw the bidding go on a few for more than they were selling at Nordstrom.
  14. ^I noticed that too!
    I was lucky to get my Egg charm for a little less than retail, most were close to $70 when I was trying to find one.