Help me find these Jimmy Choo KENDAL shoes

  1. I have been in love with these shoes since the first day I saw them. Problem is....can never find them!!
    Can someone help me find them...probably on eBay at a decent price. I saw them for around $700 but I spent too much on shoes this month so i need to go cheaper. If anyone could help I would appreciate it!!!

    (Photo taken from eBay...not mine)
  2. I think is THESE ONES ... great choice and on sale:tup:
  3. ^^nevermind i think the ones you want are open toe, the ones i posted are not...

    I found THIS at BG
  4. wow I remember those! they are gorgeous!!!

    I remember they were selling them at Bergdorfs for around $900 in 2005, but I havent seen them since. I would just keep a watch for them on eBay or just snag the ones you found already as these are divine.