Help me find these earrings... please :)

  1. I love this style of earrings. I know they are chandelier but do they have a name? They are about 5 or 6 inches long, big hoops, etc.. Doesn't have to be designer, just want a pair! Thanks for any help.
    ash_earrings.jpg ash_earrings2.jpg
  2. Do a search on eBay for "Rain earrings"
  3. thanks guys.. its good to know they are called "rain". The pair on hsn is way way to high in price for 2 inch earrings and I cant find any really big ones on eBay.. but I'll keep looking..

    If you do run across any that are at least 4 inches long, let me know.

    Thanks everyone :wlae:
  4. Just wanted to add two more photos, better quality and you can see the SIZE of these massive earrings...

    Any links would be greatly appreciated!! :tender:
    bscap0477.jpg bscap0481.jpg
  5. o I really like those on the left, the leaf.. thanks :smile:
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