Help me find these Christian Louboutins :(

  1. Hi guys...I'm trying to find Christian Louboutins my gf was talking about...i realize it's a tall order because i'm lacking a lot of details...but i want to be hush hush about it and keep it more of a surprise.

    All i know is that they are black pumps, and were seen on They were originally 900 marked down to 560 or 540. Skimpy details.....i know i know :sad:. Any Louboutin wizards out there that can help? - Thanks in advance
  2. very prives? are they in peep toes or? more description please?
  3. She might be talking about the simple 85 pump, but that is on for 520 dollars so i'm not sure if that's what shes talking about. maybe somebody hear knows the exact shoes though. = )
  4. skimpy details? i believe if they were priced at 900 they should be the limited edition ones... fishnet peep toe prives?? i'm not too sure..
  5. Maybe she is talking about the Activa Pump. It was around 8 then put down to 5
  6. ^ sorry to borrow your picture, lol hope you don't mind!

    are these the ones you're talking about??

  7. lol its ok...i totally forgot to post a pic!