help me find these boots please :)

  1. i'm dying to find these boots from vintage vivienne westwood pirates collection, or anything like these.


  2. ooo, thank u riffraff :love:
  3. Did you manage to get a pair?
  4. i love teh style on that sire u gave me, but i don't really prefer a suede boots. i love my boots in leather and can stand through muds and all LOL
  5. I would also check some of the "re-enactment" sites, sometimes you can find very gifted artists who make re-creations of "historical" or "historically Inspired" clothing and footwear!
  6. OH I'm a huge fan of VW's Pirate Boots. I've got 2 pairs so far, one is beige/grey in suede and the other honey brown in leather. In the mean time, I'll definitely have the black pair in leather as well!! Totally in love with Vivienne Westwood.

    You can order them in any VW boutiques even tho you do have to wait for 8 weeks, unless you want the high-heel version of Pirate Boots (as opposed to the flat version, as in the photos above), which are usually available in the shops.
  7. thank u shimma for the info :yes:

    and funkadelic u're so lucky to have 2 :drool:
    i do't have VW boutiques in my country, but i'm still searching online on the flats, i hope i can found one in leather :yahoo: