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  1. Hi everybody does any body have genuine pics of two of my fave LV bags ?

    Cabas Raye GM

    LV Monogram Pleated Steamer

    As i can never seem to find these particular pics on the net other than the ones off the lv site. I don't own any of these bags of present i am saving up for both. I know that this maybe alot to ask but if any of you have purcahsed the bag can you post a pic for me to see? At least i can dream about it while i am saving my hard earned cash for the next 2 months lol i need motivation.
  2. I'd use the "search" feature on the top right and check out the "Clubhouse" sub-forum- tons of PFers have the first. But here's a pic of the steamer:
    Vuitton Birkin Hybrid $14,000 est..jpg
  3. Oh, that's hot!
  4. Here's some of the Cabas Raye:
    cruisec2320.jpg IMG_0911.JPG IMG_0912.JPG IMG_0914.JPG IMG_0915.JPG
  5. Oh my.. That steamer is stunning.

    Does anyone know what the RRP on that is?
  6. ^^If I remember correctly it was somewhere in the realm of $14-16K.
  7. wow that steamer is so expensive! Iam in love with the cabas lol
  8. hahaha!!! WOw.. and I thought that eBay price was overpriced already
  9. In that case i might go for the Monogram canvas and leopard style calf leather pleated steamer is that cheaper? and does anyone have a genuine pic?
  10. Okay- the embossed steamer was $14K and the leopard was $7.7K :push:
    lvnew1.JPG lvnew3.JPG
  11. Did they make a vachetta and mono steamer like they did the stephen bag? I love the regular stephen much more than the leopard version with gold trim.
    The cabas raye is also a fave of mine, OP. Good choices. But you have really PRICEY taste. lol. My hubby should be glad for once that multicolore is my obsession, cause for once it is cheaper than the other options. lol
  12. Please try using the search feature above. There are a few pics that have been posted by fellow PF'ers. ;)
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