Help me find the Timeless Classic Tote / Bowler


Sep 20, 2006
Hi ladies,

I have been a lurker for a while admiring all your pics, and have finally decided that I need my first Chanel! I think the perfect one would be...the "timeless classic tote" aka "bowler" in black or dark brown, preferably caviar leather. I have only seen them in patent or lambskin leather, but am wondering if anyone has seen it in caviar or calfskin, and where?

Attached are the pics from dervilfal's recent post. Anyone seen this bag or know how much? I love it and must have it, especially the caviar if it exists! I am willing to phone order from any boutique, Saks, or Neimans!

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the timeless classic comes in lambskin or patent. i'm not sure about calfskin? i actually saw a dark brown one at the chanel boutique in costa mesa, ca (south coast plaza mall) about 3 weeks ago. it was the smaller size and was $1795. that one seemed to be caviar though because it was a tougher leather. i don't know why i passed it up because it is now my favorite bag of the moment.

here is some information on the bags. see the attachment. :smile:


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Kirsten...Thank you for the info! I was just in near SCP last week; I should have stopped by! I would have snapped up the dark brown in a jiffy. One question regarding the "smaller size" there a big size difference between the $1795 one in the attachment and the $3125 one? Do you remember if the smaller one can be comfortably carried on the shoulder?
I'm not sure if this is the same bag you are talking about,but, this is in the new caviar.


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woo hoo so it does come in caviar :drool: , but it so much more?

i guess the one i saw at SCP was the lambskin because it wasn't $2095. i'm not sure of the size difference between the two because i've only seen that one in person. it definitely could be carried comfortably on your shoulder though. i remember the SA showing it to me because i told her i was looking for a shoulder bag. for me it was a little too small because i usually haul the contents of my house around, and i usually buy black bags so i passed on it. now i am kicking myself for doing so!
Thank you to everyone who has provided me with info and for the PMs! I did some calling around and learned that there is a small size and a large size. Does anyone have the smaller size? If so, I would be very grateful if you could post a pic of it on the shoulder so I can get an idea of size and thickness? Thank you, this site is so enabling!:smile:
I have the bag - the chanel boutique inside the Saks at Mazza got it for me - it is black - calfskin and they called it the bowler both in the store and in the 2006/2007 fall/winter catalog (the one they show in the online version is white though) - mine as you can see from the reposted pics above - is the larger size and black.

You call call them directly at 1-240-418-6386 - ask for John in the purse/accessories (the number is the Chanel boutique number) and let him know Holly sent you. He'll be able to answer all your questions and order/ship what ever you need :smile: