help me find the right birkin

  1. Hey ppl, im looking for a birkin, but cant decide if im better off with a 30cm or 35cm because im only 5'1", what do u guys think? and im on the hunt for something in the brown/gold family, any tips?
    God bless...
  2. I guess for you I would recommend 30cm :smile: I just saw a Kelly in Havane, its a great color but its more brown than gold.. depends on your taste!
  3. I think Birkin in 30, Kelly in 28 or 32:yes:. I am 5'4 and these sizes seem to work best for me. :flowers:
  4. What do you want to carry daily in your bag?
    Do you like large bags?
    What are the sizes of the bags you use presently?
  5. i tend to carry alot, watter bottles, agenda
  6. but i was worried 35cm might look too big on me, also im pale and blonde, i love the gold color but im worried it would look mud on me. thats y i was considering brown. also im using the Fendi spy bag now
  7. I think a 30 would be more suited on you :smile: 35 might seem a little too big for your petite size..JMO.
  8. 30
  9. Definitely the 30cm. And I also love havanne!
  10. I'm 5'1" I Have 30 & 35 ~ I Actually Prefer The 35.....Though In Kellys I Prefer 28 & Under...I Think We Are All Different & Need Try Them On:yes: Or A While Back I Would Have Thought A 35 Kelly Was Also For Me:nogood:

    ***I Love Havanne As Well....Gorgeous Color!!!!!!!
  11. 30cm. And gold suits just about everybody, honestly. I'm sure it will be lovely on you. Can't you go into a store and try a gold bag even if it's not a birkin?
  12. My advice: go to the store and try them on for size. Also give the HACs a chance as well. Good luck!
  13. It´s all up to you and your body etc. etc. If you have a chance to go to a boutique, test the size :yes:
  14. given your height i would say 30cm

    based on what you said you carry though i would say 35cm...

    this is a tough choice hahaha

    do you normally wear heels? if you wear normalluy wear at least 2in heels then i say get a 35cm