Help Me Find the Right Bag!

  1. HELP LADIES...I'm searching for the next b-bag for me...I just dunno which one! I looked on ebay and I keep changing my mind because I don't have enough b-bag experience.

    I need one that has a handle big enough to carry over the arm and roomy enough to put all my work files in. At the same time I want it as small as possible so I don't look too i making sense (I'm petite).

    I need a color that looks good with everything (I work in a suit), but not black. I'm so inexperienced with balenciaga, hellllpppp!!! Will I be over bagged with the weekender? Is the work going to fit over my shoulder with a wool jacket and suit?

    Thanks ahead of time for b-bag wisdom!:rolleyes:

  2. maybe a work?
  3. I"m not sure there *is* a Balenciaga to meet every need you listed... Have you looked at the Ateliernaff Motorcycle Style Reference ? Other than the Work, which may not have long enough handles, I'd suggest considering the City, the Part Time, the Mini-Bowling, and the Mid-Afternoon.
  4. NYCFashionista- why don't you go down to Barney's or whoever carries Bbags in NY and try different styles on. That's what you should do! There are tons of colors to choose from. Go and report back!!!!!
  5. That was an awesome site. I didn't realize there were so many options...I just don't even know the names...thank you very much.

    I actually went to Barney's a week ago. Their selection wasn't great and the SA was not helpful at all. I dont think I'll be back there anytime soon. =/
  6. If you're petite, then i'd go for the City style. You can fit a LOT of stuff in one!
  7. hello. i found that going to looks at b-bags in person REALLY helps you figure out the perfect size for you! don't be afraid to bring stuff to stuff into the bag while you are in the store, to see how everything fits.
  8. The shopping bag might work too. It's like a tote. I'm 5'2" and it's not too big for me. (I don't own one at the moment, but I've "tried them on")
  9. ^I was just about to suggest the shopping also! Try on the day as well, it holds a surprisingly large amount of stuff! good luck!
  10. If its a bag you are going to carry every day for work,, then I think the "work" bag is for you.. the handles are slightly longer and will fit over your shoulder. It is a large bag, but so very chic! also you may want to check out the part time, which from what i hear, has the same dimentions in the width, but is shorter, not as deep, hence the name "parttime" althought the day and the shopper are fantastic, in my opinion, perhaps to casual for carrying to work wearing a suit.

    best,,, t
  11. Since your in NYC, can you go to BalNY? I recommend the purse because since you're in NY, I figure you need roomy straps for those big jackets you'll be wearing in the winter.
  12. Thanks for everyone's advice...mucho helpful.

    As for something for work, I'm Defintely going to try on the purse, work, afternoon and parttime styles so finalize my decision. I think I'm leaning towards the "purse" because it seems so roomy for my shoulder and I'm always reaching into the bag for a metocard or cash.

    I'm going to keep my eyes open for one in grey, teal, black or tan. wish me luck...thanks bunches!
  13. Goodluck, NYCfashionista!!!!
    Let us know what you ultimately choose at the end.