Help me find the perfect Shoes for this dress!!

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  1. I bought this Nicole Miller dress for a wedding in Jamaica. I have to say its pretty stunning in person! I'm trying to find the perfect shoes to go, they have to meet the following criteria:

    Open toe
    Platform (but not a wedge)
    High high heel! 4 inches plus is best cause Im a shorty!

    Im thinking something in nude or a metalic but not one of the colours in the dress because I'll want to wear them with other things. Any specific suggestions? Pics would be helpful.


  2. Do you guys think these would work? or too gold, need to be lighter?

  3. I think they need to be lighter and be more strappy. I suggest these Choos:

    Attached Files:

  4. Love those Choos!!!

    Another idea (cause I'm really into exotics this season) are these Diors:

  5. ^^Those Diors are gorgeous! I also really like these BVs.

  6. Im not sure if I have to stand or not. I love those choos though!!

    Theres a pair of CL no prive in beige linen on the bay right now. I cant post the link but what do you think of those?
  7. OK these shoes are ficken stunning. And I could wear them after with jeans. What do you think?

  8. ^^ I can't see the pic...
  9. [​IMG]



  10. [​IMG]

    Good choice Francesca - these my favs so far.......... hot hot hot
  11. I can't offer much help on the shoes, but had to say that your dress is so cool! I love it! And WOWie their are some great shoes suggested too! It's so much fun to shop with everyone here!