Help me find the perfect 'landmark' watch?


Nov 19, 2007
London, UK
My mum has very kindly decided to buy me a watch to celebrate a 'landmark' in life: uni graduation! (I actually graduated last year, but my family run late with presents. Heck, I've not even received my 18th bday present yet, and I'm 22...!) They are pushing me to pick one, but it's so hard! I have 3 main criteria, but I haven't found anything to tick all the boxes yet! Please can you help me find the perfect watch, to last a lifetime?

- I have ridiculously tiny wrists (I can circle it pinky-to-thumb with my other hand) so I need something small and elegant, so I won't be drowned in it. This is my top priority!

- As for the shape, it has to flow well, and be streamlined. This sounds so anal, haha... but the shape really matters! It must have a round dial (preferably black/dark), and a silver/steel bracelet and bezel.

- It can't cost the earth. Heck, I'd plump for diamonds if I could, but my family has to eat, haha! I think Mum might've have set the budget at around £500? So less is good... but if there's a watch that costs more, I'd be happy to pay the difference.

The closest thing I've found on the internet so far is the Rolex Ladies Datejust 26mm (in a dream world, with a diamond-set, black MOP dial! But now I'm just being silly :P) But, 1) I'd never dream of asking my family to spend that much and 2) it's not as streamlined as I'd like - there's still a lot of bulk going on there, especially surrounding the bezel.

The Omega Constellation is okay too - love the shape - but I don't like the roman numerals around the bezel. Too busy! (Sorry, I do realise that I'm dissing some very desirable watches here... but this really has to be perfect :shame:smile:

I actually found a Tudor watch in Hong Kong that was pretty much perfect, but I was rushing off and didn't ask for the model name, dammit :cursing: It was tiny, and silver, and amazing! Can anyone ID it?



Chic, not cheap.
Feb 6, 2007
What about a Tag aquaracer? I don't know about the price in GBP but you can get a reasonably priced model with diamond markers on the dial.

Miss Sooky

Oct 22, 2006
Curled up with a book
How about a Patek Philippe - specifically the 24 range? Otherwise, maybe have a look at Rado or Tag Heuer because I think both ranges have something that might fit the bill. Let us know what you decide!