Help me find the Perfect Crossobody bag

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  1. Hi,

    I've been searching for a cross body bag for some time, years to be exact, but still haven't find one I truly like.

    Nowadays, I bicycle a lot so my bag need to be big and endure some rain. I will be caught in a down pour, nothing I can avoid.

    Right now I'm using a Coach Delphine bag in tan leather. I love this bag to pieces and I'm amazed with its quality. It can't compare to other Coach bags I've had. I have looked at Coach Legacy but the strap is to short. I have a Chloé Marcie but the zipper drives me bananas and the quality has been poor.

    So, what I'm looking for now is.

    - Bag big enough for everyday use
    - The strap needs to be LOooong. I want to be able to use winter cloths under and I'm far from petite to begin with.
    - Endure some rain
    - Prefer duffle style

    Any thoughts and suggestion?

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. Have you looked at MZ Wallace? They strike the right balance of form and function, IMO. I have and love the Hayley but you might also look at the Belle or Johanna.
  3. Perhaps this one
    or this

    It's not the duffel style though.
  4. I'm using the Kipling Europa, it's fabulous as outdoor "gear". It's not exactly duffel, but it is top zipped east-west satchel style

    Does it have to be designer? I was thinking any of the nylon or canvas bags by Kipling, Timbuk2, or anything under messenger bags at Zappos (they have huge assortment). Marc Jacobs had, at one time, a duffel messenger I think (it was under the men's bags at Zappos).
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I do prefer something at least remotely stylish. I have other messenger bags. Timbuk2 and Jack Spade. This one however, I want to be able to use at work.
  6. Thank you. I already have the pouch from Proenza which has a crazy long strap. Unfortunately its to small for everyday use and the medium and large version doesn't have cross body strap.

    The Longchamp isn't bad but I think the bag itself is to small. I must be able to carry some books.
  7. I was at the outlet mall in Orlando FLA at the Prada outlet and they had an amazing crossbody bag, not too big and it was the prettiest shade of deep purple. I don't know what the name of the bag was but I wish I would have gotten it because I have a Prada makeup case that takes a beating and I just throw it in a load of laundry and it comes out amazingly like new. And of course the material is great if it rains or get spilled on. Just my suggestion.