Help me find... the perfect black pant

  1. okay so after getting pissed at the lacking quality of pants in stores these days I am in search of the perfect black pant. Also not all pants are bad but most of them don't have a lining which is a must for me...

    Here goes

    I must have

    Wool(any kind but preferably light weight)
    Be able to wear anytime of year
    Straight or Wide leg
    Fully lined

    I love french cuffs but I would buy two different pair and make one french cuffed and one not KWIM

  2. Those are cute, but dry clean only is the worst if you are going to wear them often...
  3. ^^^ those ae cute and I actually prefer dryclean only! i send almost ALL of my clothing there anyway LOL
  4. Especially with lined pants, I would think that they would have to be dry clean only.
  5. ^^^ yeah I'm with you
  6. Alvin Valley makes great pants - you can check them out on
  7. i would check out banana republic.