Help me find the PERFECT black bag...please!!

  1. Hi all.
    I have joined this site as I really would love your help with my latest dilemma.....
    Up to now I have not been a massive bag person and it has been my sister that has purchased bags left, right and centre around me while I have been more into clothes and shoes. (Just to clarify I still love clothes and shoes :teehee:smile:

    Anyway (sorry rambling on already..) my Husband bought me a LV Speedy after I had my second son and I am really loving it... I can fit a couple of nappies, wipes,baby drink etc in it as well as my purse so I do not have to lug a 'baby' bag around.

    I had a moan the other day as I was wearing blacks and said that I really needed a black bag as well so that I could alternate (for now..I plan to have a lot more bags by the end of the year..)
    Hubbie said he will treat me to one for my birthday (limit £800) so now I am like a 4 year old in a sweet shop trying to find the perfect bag..


    I want a bag with handles and not a shoulder strap, I do not love the really stiff style bags (A McQueen Novak springs to mind) and would prefer a slouchy style.
    I would also like for the bag to last for quite a few years so do not want it to be 'out of season' very soon if you know what I mean.

    So far the Balenciaga Motorcycle is the front runner but I am worried is it a little bit past it these days?
    I also really like the Botkier Black Rose Satchel but it is not THE ONE if you know what I mean..

    I am also quite keen on the Chloe Edith but again I can't help but think there is a more perfect bag out there....

    If any of you have any suggestions at all i'd be eternally gratefull.....

    Electra. xx

    P.S Sorry that i am a newbie and my first post is SOO long...
  2. Hi welcome! I love the Edith! I haven't seen too many B-bags IRL but I don't think they are out of style yet at all! Oh the perfect black bag is a tough one! So many to choose from! I would have said a Kooba sienna in the smooth black leather, it is stunning and still classy but hip, but that is a shoulder bag. An LV speedy in black epi would be lovely and it is a useful bag but a little more structered. I think LV has quite a few nice Epi leather bags that are quite lovely but Epi is a stiffer leather. The Botkier Bianca looks gorgeous in black too. I don't know if the Gustto small baca comes in black (I have just seen the patent and the big one in black) but that is a great soft squishy leather bag and it looks good handheld (Halle Berry has one that looks great in pics, her's is the big baca). I am probably no help :smile: sorry, good luck on your search and again Welcome to TPF!
  3. How about a black Chanel or Marc Jacobs? I feel they are pretty stylish and functional.
  4. Oooh Kimmi thanks! I have fallen totally in love with the Kooba Sienna and I am off to see if I can look at one IRL this weekend..
  5. ^^That is a great bag! It always get compliments too btw!
  6. Ok so I have now realised that the Kooba Sienna is near on IMPOSSIBLE to get hold of.
    I can't find anyone that sells it or has it in stock...

    I am really keen on this Botkier - what do you think?? (also in the sale so that is always a bonus!!)

    Is it as nice as a B-Bag??

    Ms.P - Thanks - looked on coack website and that bag is really nice but I want one I can hand hold rather than a shoulder bag. x
  7. I think the perfect bag that will last forever is the Chanel Cerf Tote! Comes with a detachable shoulder strap (that I never use) has three large compartments, a removable pouch (that I removed - LOL!) and 2 inside zip pockets ... it's the one on the left:

  8. although I DO love my Black Balenciaga City too! The leather on it is TDF!! ...
    (the Chanel IS more functional though, easier to find stuff in)

  9. The Botkier bag is very nice and their leather is gorgeous! Keep looking every so often for the black Sienna, I have seen them pop up every so often (I saw one not too long ago). Oh, the Gustto "small" Baca does come in Black, I know it is a casual bag but it is lightweight, great leather and cool looking. Look at those pics with Halle Berry carrying her large one, the large is not overly large BTW, I am just short so it isn't good for me.
  10. I was thinking this exact same bag! I have a baby and an older son and was thinking (or obsessing) about getting one myself.
  11. I love the Balenciaga Motorcyle bag. I don't think that it will ever go out of style b/c they're just so cute. Another good one is a Gryson Olivia. The longer straps can be flipped around and become just decoration.

    Good luck!
  12. the way you described your needs... first thing that came to my mind is Balenciaga.
  13. Okay so the Bokier that I liked has sold out in black :sad:

    But I do really like this Gryson Olivia.

    Now I am a bit :shame: to ask this but heck I will anyway....I have never heard of this make before and I have just read that this lady used to design for MJ but still I didn't know the make...
    that said I don't know everything about bags so maybe i just hadn't heard of her when infact she is very well known...
    My question is 'am i a bad person for wanting a bag that people will spot and recognise as designer???'