Help me find the PERFECT bag

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was told to join this forum as you are all apparently very lovely and helpful :heart:

    Basically, I want to condense by bag collection into one 'all occassion' kind of bag, as I'm sick of switching between bags all the time.
    Of all the bags I currently own, the ones that I actually use are an Andrea Brueckner Bucket bag (for uni- great size for all my books), a Michael Kors Astor (love the size, hate that I can't wear it as a shoulder bag), a Mimco Everyday bag (a pretty good alrounder).

    So what I want is something leather, sturdy, strong and of course nice.
    I would love a Jimmy Choo Ramona, however I'm worried that it may not be strong enough for books etc? And I'd also love a Mulberry Roxanne, but I've been told that they are such a heavy bag to lug around.

    So, please, some suggestions as to the PERFECT all rounder would be greatly appreciated
  2. I'm not sure about the Ramona, but I do know that the Mulberry Roxanne is very heavy. How about something like a Nightingale, a medium Muse or one of the larger Balenciagas? They seem to me to be a 'fit' with your style. If you want something more classic, check out the LV Epi range or Tods? Then, there's the well-named Belen Echandia 'take me anywhere bag' which would seem to be a perfect fit if only because of the title!
  3. Thanks a lot Miss Sooky :smile:
    I really like everything you have just suggested.
    Now I am also thinking of a Kooba Sienna...
  4. I don't know if you're looking for something classic, but I think the Mulberry Bayswater is a good all-around bag. You can dress it up or down, it's sturdy and gorgeous, and it really does have timeless appeal. I'm totally CRAZY about the one I just got.

  5. I've just got that bayswater in Oak and I use it much more than I thought I would. I bought it as a work bag, but I've found I use it weekends too - it's a great shopping bag and it's big enough for magazines and folders.

    I didn't like it much at first but it's really grown on me.
  6. I don't have one, but i would go with the Mulberry Bayswater too, its classic and totally stylish and would probably cater for all your needs. x
  7. I don't think there is such a thing as "one perfect bag" for all occasions.
    That said, I think the suggestions of Mulberry Bayswater and the Belen Echandia "Take me Anywhere" are good ones!'ll always want a clutch, you'll always want a travel always want a...something... That's the fun of handbags!
  8. I do love the Bayswater. Are the straps long enough to hang it over your shoulder though?
  9. pimp your fake bags elsewhere.
  10. Gussto might me a good place to look. They aren't as "classic" as a Mulberry, but they make good bags with great leather. The price point is lower too.

    They have several different larger tote styles that could carry books and anything else you may have. The leather is very soft and the bags are very light.

    Here's a link to some at Neiman Marcus. I personally like the Torlia bag and there have been a few threads on it.