help me find the new 08 pink GST!! please~

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  1. just saw pics of the new 08 pink GST and it is gorgeous!!! if anyone has seen it anywhere, could you let me know the price and where i could find it please. i will love you!!
  2. i haven't seen a the 08 pink before... can you upload pix? please and thank you!
  3. jeshika,
    i found this on ebay from a seller who claims they bought it in japan and that this is a limited edition release.


    looks authentic to me and it is mightyyy gorgeous!
  4. she is soo pretty !

  5. Bergdorf has both GST and PST in this color available last week, but I'm not sure their stock as of now. I don't have their direct number, but you can try 1-800-558-1855 and ask to speak to someone from Chanel handbag department.
  6. o wow, it's gorgeous!!!!!! drool. i love it's more of a coral pink rather than a baby pink... i don't like the GST but i could make an exception for this baby!
  7. jeshika,
    i lov that it is coral pink also. the bright pink for the old GST's are a little too much for me and i wouldnt be able to match it with any of my outfits.

  8. bretiny!!
    you are the best! i think i need to see these in person. do you happen to remember the price, if they were the same as th eold GST's or different b/c they are "limited" (according to the seller on ebay).
  9. yeah, i agree it's a much more sophisticated pink rather than a girly pink that may get old over time.

    fantastic bretiny, you've found it! sweet_pees, if you get it PLEASE POST PICTURES!!! convince me i need one! hahahaa.
  10. Ooh, I've never seen one of these before, it is really pretty! What a nice soft petal pink :love:
  11. yes i called the number bretiny gave me and they said the price is still $2125, but i was so excited i forgot to ask which BG it was, lols. there is only one in manhatten so i hope it is that one!

    i saw personal shoppers too, but i did not want to buy it before i saw it in real. not to mention that she is overpriced too.
  12. wowww the color is AMAZING!!!!
  13. I found out that BG has this pink GST available while I was on the hunt for PST in orange.

    sweet_pees, please don't forget to report back whether you decide to get it :smile: I don't think it's a limited edition though. If so, I may consider getting this color instead of orange. By the way, BG is going to have double or triple points promotion. You should check it out as well.
  14. its salmon in colour they had it in singapore too