Help Me Find The Miu Mius In Vogue!!!

  1. Hi girls,

    I am trying to find the WHITE version of the Miu Miu braided slingback wedge featured in the July Vogue on Doutzen Kroes. I could not find a picture of the spread on the web but I thought this photo might help. Barneys carried it in Red, Natural, and Brown, but so far I have had NO LUCK finding it in WHITE! Can anyone point me in the right direction? Here is a photo of them in red, but remember I am trying to find them in WHITE :heart:

  2. haha!

    i am also looking for miu miu shoes in the july vogue, but they're the scarlett patent ankle boots.
  3. ^^^^

    isn't it frustrating?!!?!:cursing: Grrr, espcially since this wedge has been out since early spring and is now on sale!!!

    I just looked up the ankle boots you are talking about. Cute! Are you sure they aren't pre-fall? If so, they may not be available yet ? Just a thought...I will keep an eye out;)